Smart Parking To Yield Total Vehicle Visibility Beyond Parking

Smart Parking To Yield Total Vehicle Visibility Beyond Parking

  • July 1, 2019

Elixir Technology’s Smart Parking Video Analytics is an upcoming project supported by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under its smart estates programme for piloting innovative urban solutions to enhance the efficiencies of estate management processes and resources. Elixir’s Smart Parking solution is one of eight projects out of 74 proposals selected for funding by IMDA under its smart estates Call for Innovative Solutions (CFIS) initiative.

Elixir Technology’s Smart Parking solution utilises video analytics and machine learning techniques to provide advanced analytics of vehicle detection, identification and tracking. While Smart Parking is not new, where some use many cameras just to monitor only 2-3 parking lots each, Elixir’s solution leverages a much leaner camera setup in return for total visibility beyond parking to situations like tracking obstructive waiting, illegal parking, etc.

Insights from parking patterns can be used to improve car park allocation for season vs public parking; thus, achieving greater utilisation and returns for estate owners. On top of increased lots available, end users can also be guided to available lots based on their status of being a season or VIP car park user.

The details of Elixir’s Smart Parking Video Analytics were featured in TODAY and Lianhe Zaobao at Innovfest Unbound 2019, Southeast Asia’s largest and most exciting innovation festival that took place from 27 to 28 June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

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