Elixir ingress

Elixir Ingress is a platform developed by Elixir designed for supporting visual analytics. 
Developed with flexibility in mind to integrate various different visual analytics models together.

Video management system

Setting up Ingress and Ambience together with a Network Video Recorder (NVR), the system can cover a myriad of requirements and use-cases. VPN provides an encrypted connection from CCTVs to the system.

intrusion and threats

By assigning regions of interest across the CCTV, the system can detect the presence of personal in the area. Utilizing a time schedule, monitored areas may flag these detections as threats depending on the time of the day for further processing, including raising alerts and saving snapshots of the detected personal. 


Loitering detection is handled by calculating the amount of time a detected personal has been detected within a monitored area. 


The system is also capable of human counting within an area and analyzing if it is abnormal for the given time of the day.


Face recognition

Video streams from CCTVs is scanned by Ingress with facial recognition. 

Ingress can scan for blacklisted personal and send alerts appropriately.

Ingress can also toggle a blur function to blur out detected faces for privacy.



Designed to scale horizontally on commodity hardware for both on-premises and cloud deployments.

Kernel Concept

New extensions such as ETL steps, chart type, etc can be added without affecting the existing system.

Full-stack platform

Full stack of modules that covers end-to-end Business Intelligence needs.
Elixir Ingress

Min. requirement for Elixir Ingress is as follows:

  • Operating System: Windows or Unix 64-bit, Java 11 and above.
  • Memory: Recommended 4GB and above.
  • Web Browsers: HTML5 support. Please note that for optimal JVM performance, the latest bug fixed versions should be used. Plase also make sure that Java version 11 onwards is installed. Developers may prefer to use the Java Development Kit (JDK) instead of the JRE as this provides the JConsole application monitoring tool.