Upcoming Upgrade for Elixir Ambience due to Akka Licensing Change

28th October 2022

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

Thank you for your support for being Elixir customers all these years.  One of the key commitments from Elixir is to ensure our software is well-maintained while offering good value for money.  As such we keep close tab on both the technical development as well as licensing model of the underlying components used in building our product.

One key component used in the Elixir Ambience line of products is Akka, where the company behind the product has just announced a significant change to their licensing model. From this time next year, companies of a certain revenue size would need to pay additional license fees. Details of their change are provided below.

Given its widespread use, this change has triggered reactions from many tech companies to find an alternative, and Elixir has likewise made a hard decision to develop our own component to replace this.  With their new licensing model slated to take effect after September 2023, this means Elixir will have no free access to Akka updates beyond this date, hence we will not be able to provide any fix, including issue on vulnerability due to Akka.  As such, we need to work with our customers to plan for transition to our upcoming new versions with our own replacement of Akka, which is planned for May 2023 release. 

The following are the possible migration paths depending on your current version and model of software, and your current usage requirements:

Existing Version

Modules Used

Upgrade Options

Ambience 4.x


Repertoire 2023 or
Ambience 2023

Ambience 4.x

Report, Ad Hoc, Dashboard

Ambience 2023

Ambience 202x


Ambience 2023

Repertoire any version


Not affected by Akka

As long as you have an on-going support and maintenance contract with us, you are entitled to the upgrade software for free.  Note that depending on the options you choose, you may need to cater for migration time and efforts which are not covered by Elixir.  Please feel free to contact our support team at support@elixirtech.com for further queries you may have.

Elixir Technology Team

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Download Upcoming Upgrade for Elixir Ambience due to Akka Licensing Change PDF here