Repertoire Professional Evaluation Download

Thank you for your interest in evaluating our software. You are welcome to try out the full suite of our software as shown below. When you are ready to purchase the specific product, we will issue the individual key to activate only the required product functionality.

Repertoire 8.10.0

The Elixir toolset combines Ensemble (Data Designer), Report (Report Designer) and Perspective (Dashboard Designer) into a single Repertoire Designer. This is the standalone designer for the creation of report templates, dashboards and data sources. A Repertoire Server is required for the deployment and integration of templates, dashboards with any web application.

Please proceed to download and install the software and key below:

You will need Java pre-installed to run the .jar files. For instructions on downloading and installing Java, please see Installation Note below.

You must deploy the license key to unlock the software, unless you have already purchased a permanent key.

SoftwareFormatFile SizeDownload Links
Elixir Repertoire Installer.zip118.7 MB
License Key
Elixir Repertoire BI<1KB
Installation Guide
Elixir Repertoire 8 Installation Guide.pdf485KB

Evaluation license key expires on: 30 June 2023

For sales enquiry, please email our sales team at, or if you need an extension of evaluation period. If the above installations do not work for you or if you have any technical enquiries, please contact our technical team at

Java runtime is required.

The software requires a Java SE version 7.x Runtime Environment (JRE) onwards. If you do not have Java pre-installed, please download and install it from here or from your preferred vendor.

Tip: To test if your system is Java enabled, open a Command Prompt or equivalent Console and enter “java -version”. This will show the version of Java installed in your system, if any.

Deploying License Keys

The installation includes all the various software components, but it is your license key that determines which components get activated.

Please note that if you have a key of an earlier version, eg version 6, you will need to obtain a new key as the key is refreshed for every major version.

Deploying the key has been made simple in this version.  Instead of having to deploy the key separately, you can now go ahead to install the software and run it.  You will then be prompted for the license key if found missing.  You can point to the .zip file containing the license, or the license .txt file itself.  The name of these files does not matter as the built-in key installer will copy out the content into the $USER_HOME directory, eg. C:\Documents and Settings\User, to create a new license file, ElixirRepertoire8-Designer-license.txt.

Running the Software

Once the key is deployed, you may run the software by navigating into the \bin directory to select the launcher. For Designer, start menu is set up for easier navigation. There is also a report viewer, Elixir Interactive Viewer, free for distribution within a licensed organization.  This allows opening of report output file in .glint or .iml formats.

For automatic launching of this viewer, you may choose to associate the .glint and .iml extensions with the operating system, especially when selecting this output option from the Repertoire Server web application.

Tip: On a Java enabled platform, one should be able to run a JAR file by double-clicking on the JAR file. However, due to cases of potential conflicting file association, other applications like Winzip may take over opening of a JAR file. In such case, please open a Command Prompt or equivalent Console in the same directory as the saved JAR file and enter java -jar XXX.jar, where XXX is the name of the deployer required.

User manual are available either from the Start Menu, in the on-line help in the software, or in the /docs folder. There are additional technical references of the underlying object models of our template formats for advanced level scripting and development use.

You can find a running demo for embedding our runtime component with API and source code provided. Please note that this runtime is free for distribution within the licensee’s company, and for external distribution, please approach our sales team at sales@ to obtain an OEM license at a one-time fee with an option for yearly Partner Kit subscription for free runtime upgrade, developer licenses of the full set of our software, and priority support.