Social Impact Program

Elixir Social Impact Program


At Elixir, we believe in using our expertise and our technology to create social impact. As a company that has been based in Singapore for more than 20 years, we understand the importance of giving back to the ecosystem that has enabled us to thrive. As disruptions from the Covid-19 pandemic and other technological advances continue to affect communities, organizations, and individuals, we recognize that we can play a part to create positive change.

Elixir Social Impact Program – How does it work?

We are committed to partnering at least one social service agency (SSA) in Singapore for a project scope for up to 600 man-hours within a year. Throughout the engagement, we will not provide any form of hardware or paid software (that is not our own). As a technology company, we also recognize the importance of data protection, privacy, and sensitivity. We will endeavour to uphold the highest standards of data management throughout the engagement.

3 types of social impact we are committed to


We believe strongly that digitalization will free up important resources such as time and manpower for SSAs to focus on core functions.  

We are committed to support the SSA in a digitalization process to convert documents, information, or other records into a digital format. This could come in various forms, depending in the needs of the organization. For example, we are open to working with organizations that are hoping to shift to E-payments from their current hard-copy documents.


We understand that many SSAs face problems and issues that are multi-dimensional and complex. Oftentimes, the organization has the data available but not the software, or bandwidth, or resources to make sense of the data to improve service delivery.

We are committed to providing a one-off analytics service to an SSA to generate insights on a particular problem statement. The two-fold criteria for analytics support are that the organization must have the data available, and that there should be a realistic expectation of the outcome of the analytics process. The quality and range of the output depends largely on the quality and range of the input. Our analytics capabilities include but are not limited to using artificial intelligence, predictive / cognitive analytics, and data visualization.

Using our tools or other (free) software tools

We recognize that some SSAs prefer to take the lead and be empowered in being more data driven.

We are prepared to engage an SSA to teach your staff how to use our tools on your own to be more data driven. We will provide theory and hands-on training sessions, as well as follow up consultations. We will provide ideas and advice on how you can use our software to meet your most pressing service needs.


15 March: Deadline for application

March: Initial engagement with SSA to understand needs further

April: Final decision on which SSA to partner

May – December: Commencement of project

How to apply?

Due to limited resources, the decision on who to partner will be at the sole discretion of Elixir Technology. We are unable to partner every SSA that applies, but we are committed to engaging at least 1 partner for this year.

Please fill up the application form HERE. This application form should take no more than 5 – 10 minutes of your time and will not be the only basis of our evaluation. We will then follow up with a meeting to understand your needs better.