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Resale Rights for Elixir Software

If your organization builds custom solutions that embed, or rely on Elixir Report, you need to ensure that your developers and customers are fully licensed to use this technology.

Elixir products that require deployment licenses when distributed to end-users currently include, but are not limited to:

  • Elixir Repertoire Professional Edition
  • Elixir Repertoire Server (Multi-Engine)
  • Moreover, your organization may include Elixir development tool licenses with your commercial solution. This would allow your customers to further customize your solution to their environment or when they want to further modify your solution capabilities.

    As an OEM Partner, your organization has the access to resell Elixir Licenses that are embedded in, or supplied with, commercial product(s) developed by your organization.

    Additionally, your organization has the ability to resell pre-packaged Elixir Professional Services to your customers, and to assist them in implementing and integrating your solution into their environment.

    For resold Deployment and/or Development Licenses, your organization will earn margins, credit, or incentives. Pricing schemes are negotiated on a case-by-case basis with your Elixir Representative, and consider your individual business volume, and pricing models.

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    Attractive Margin

    As an OEM Partner, Elixir offers an attractive incentive.

    Resold Restricted Deployment Licenses are offered at 50% off the list price.

    Restricted Deployment Licenses: is equivalent to the Full License, but it restricts the use of the reporting capability ONLY for the partner solution. End-users who require reporting capability for purposes beyond the partner solution would require Full License.

    If your organization identifies an opportunity that you do not want to handle directly, you may be eligible to receive a "spotter's fee" for any resulting license or services revenue that Elixir obtains directly from that opportunity.

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    Software Access

    Your Elixir Representative will work with you to understand your solution and business model, and will develop a competitive Development and Resale Licensing model that considers your current needs and projected sales for your organization.

    You will receive current editions of Elixir products at no charge for Internal use and Commercial development to ensure that your personnel has knowledge of, and experience with, the latest industry solutions.

    Internal use includes: product evaluation; non-commmercial prototyping; and the development of internal-user applications that will not be used by, or distributed to any individual or organization external to your organization.

    Commercial development includes: commerical software development (either for a turn-key solution, or for constructing an off-the-shelf product), or training individuals that are not part of your organization.

    Three (3) sets comprising of each product below will be supplied to you automatically, and will be updated, as new major releases are available:

    • Elixir Repertoire Professional Edition
    • Elixir Repertoire Server (Multi-Engine

    For additional licenses, preferential rates are offered.

    Elixir will ship, at no additional charge (excluding shipping), the first set for volumes of Elixir "Evaluation Edition" CD-ROMs for each product you represent.

    Your organization will have access to participate in Elixir's early release ("Beta") software program.

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    Technical Support Services

    Your technical team is provided with ten (10) priority incidents per year.

    Key members of your team are invited to attend internal Elixir technical briefings and internal training where extra seats exist at no additional charge, excluding your expenses.

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    Discount for Training Services

    All members of your organization will receive a preferential rate on Elixir Product Training.

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    Membership Criteria and Fees

    Annual Membership Fees: US$3,000.00 per annum.

    Commitment to internal skills: minimum of one (1) employee certified by Elixir for each of the Elixir products that you represent in your defined territory.

    Minimum sales: through negotiation with Elixir Rep.

    Link to Elixir on your web site.

    Elixir Partner Logo on your web site and collateral for products and information related to Elixir.

    Agreement to jointly develop and issue press / media release(s) regarding the relationship.

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