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Channel Partner & Representation Rights

As a Channel Partner, your organization represents Elixir Technology, its products and services on a non-exclusive basis in a defined territory.

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Channel Partner Margin

As a Channel Partner, Elixir offers an reseller margin, depending on your partnership agreement, organization's capabilities and representation status.

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Software Access

You will receive current editions of Elixir products at no charge for Non-commercial development to ensure that your personnel has knowledge of, and experience with, the latest industry solutions.

Non-commercial development includes: product evaluation; non-commercial prototyping, i.e. non-commercial software development (either for a turn-key solution, or for constructing an off-the-shelf product), or training individuals that are not part of your organization.

As our partner, your organization will be supplied automatically with a Partner Kit consisting of:

One (1) set of licenses of each product you represent, which will be updated, as new major releases are available:

  • Elixir Repertoire Multi-Engine Server (Development)
  • Elixir Reperrtoire Professional Edition

For additional licenses, preferential rates are offered.

Elixir will ship, at no additional charge (excluding shipping), the first set for volumes of Elixir "Evaluation Edition" CD-ROMs for each product you represent.

Your organization will have access to participate in Elixir's early release ("Beta") software program.

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Technical Support Services

Key members of your team are invited to attend internal Elixir technical briefings and internal training where extra seats exist at no additional charge, excluding your expenses.

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Discount for Training Services

All members of your organization will receive a preferential rate on Elixir Product Training.

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Membership Criteria

Annual Membership Fees: Please email to

Minimum sales: through negotiation with Elixir Rep.

Sales reporting: every monthly.

Authorization to perform credit investigation.

main-plaintain dedicated Elixir section on your web site in approved format.

Commitment to Elixir dedicated staff (Elixir understands that an individual in your organization may perform one or more of these roles):

  • One (1) dedicated Sales resource
  • One (1) dedicated Marketing resource
  • One (1) dedicated Technical resource
  • One (1) dedicated Product Management resource

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