Elixir Repertoire won the German Middle Market Innovation Award 2007 for Reporting category by Initiative Mittelstand
  Singapore, 15 April 2007

Through our German partner Orange Data Systems (ODS) , Elixir Technology's flagship product has won the German Middle Market Innovation Award 2007 by Initiative Mittelstand. Chosen by the jury from out of 1,200 aspirants, Elixir Repertoire emerged as the top of the 3 winners in the category of Reporting.

Elixir Repertoire is a fully integrated Business Intelligence suite, designed for enabling Intelligent Enterprises to compete effectively in this fast-moving globalized market. Addressing the end-to-end information life cycle, one can activate the entire suite or the individual products as required to aggregate and transform, present and deliver, navigate and visualize, monitor and activate enterprise data.

Elixir Report is the reporting layer of the BI suite, built to empower developers and power users with its rich functionality and versatility to address the information needs of a globalized market."Elixir Report provides a compelling value proposition particularly to a price-competitive market," said Lau Shih Hor, Managing Director for Elixir Technology. "Scalable yet cost effective, Elixir Report provides a comprehensive reporting solution packed with innovative features such as built-in Data Aggregation and Transformation, as well as an Executive Dashboard add-on, to give a one-stop solution for the entire Business Intelligence need of small to medium-sized organizations. This empowers more of our customers to compete more effectively in a fast changing world."

"It becomes more and more important for middle-class enterprises to have the right information at the right time," agreed Matthias Koranzki, CEO of ODS. "But typically the data remain virtually inaccessible in a single software solution or is stored in an inflexible ERP software for example. With Elixir Report you can connect data from different sources, transform them easily into useful information and publish them in any required format, such as PDF, Excel, mobile. Elixir Report provides middle-class enterprises with a clear overview of business relevant data, without any unnecessary limitations. We are proud to be awarded with the innovation prize by the Initiative Mittelstand, and as a reseller and solution provider, we will establish Elixir Report as a leading product in the European Market," said Matthias Koranzki.

About the Initiative Mittelstand and Innovation Award 2007

Established in 2003, the Initiative Mittelstand is set up to grant enterprises with the IT-infrastructure to access and exchange knowledge. Since 2004, in conjunction with CEBIT, the Innovation Award is given to outstanding IT and consulting solutions that are innovative in their ideas for their businesses and products and services. The Innovation Award 2007 offers a total of 20 categories and prizes given out amounted to a total value of 85.000 Euros.

About Orange Data Systems (ODS)

ODS is the connecting link between international software producer with innovative solutions and national end-user with specific needs. Focused on the Java world, ods has established software from around the world in Central Europe. The flagship is Elixir Repertoire. Ods and Elixir Repertoire complete each other, because the ods team has huge experience with Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions and Elixir is the Java based leader solution.

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